Toby Bradbury Interaction designer
I solve interactive problems for some of the worlds leading brands. For the past fifteen years I've designed apps, websites, marketing tools, retail experiences and other interactive products and services. I've worked for small start-ups and major organizations, both in-house and within design agencies.
Some design principles:
· To see the problem clearest, strip it back and eliminate distraction. Favor logic over taste.
· Make sure your gut is informed. Research and understand a domain thoroughly before trying to solve a problem.
· Interaction design is defining the emphasis of a product. Explore the full range of feasible solutions, even if just to see what not to do.
· Designing the best solution is just a fraction of the problem, convincing those around you as to why it is is often the harder challenge.
Below are a few projects I've worked on. If you'd like to know more about me please download my CV, or email me if you'd like to speak to me.

Revealing to the world the full story of iPhone X

Strategy, concepting, wireframing, prototyping


May - September 2017

I was the lead UX on the launch site for the new iPhone, working with a team of writers and art directors to best tell the story of the many new features of Apple's latest flagship phone.

A strategic rethinking of iPad Pro

Strategy, concepting, wireframing, prototyping


February - June 2017

Re-introduced the updated device as a possible replacement to your PC, incorporating the upcoming features of iOS 11. I collaborated on the creative strategy, concepting and prototyping, and lead the UX of the site.

Teaching new customers about the benefits of Apple Watch

Wireframing, technical documentation


July - September 2014

Kiosk experience where visitors could browse the range of models and learn about product features in Apple Stores worldwide. I worked as part of a UX team on the interactions between the interface and working demo model, and provided UX documentation of the final build.

The extraordinary uses of iPad Air

Story structure, wireframing


November 2013 - February 2014

Campaign to create rich, engaging stories about people's exceptional uses of iPad Air. I provided storyboarding and UX for the site, working alongside writers, directors and photographers.

Tracking the effectiveness of programs to improve the lives of girls in Rwanda

Wireframing, user testing, prototyping

Nike Foundation

March - July 2013

The Girl Effect is an organization run by the Nike Foundation, whose aim is to improve the lives of young women in Rwanda. They wanted an app that could display data from various government and NGO programs onto a map, along with results of various effectiveness measurement metrics. I led the design of the initial prototype of the app, with a solution that was based on humanizing the data by promoting 'testimonial spots' amongst the quantitative data. As the project progressed we settled on a 'wizard' approach, taking users through the steps to create a map with multiple data layers in a linear experience. I took a prototype to government workers in Rwanda to test the ease of use of the app.

Helping viewers understand watching chess live with Chesscasting app

Concepting, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, directing the visual design


November 2012 - March 2013

App for the World Chess organization, aiming to bring Chess to the masses by simplifying and explaining the action as it happened during live games. I was the lead UX, working directly with the client on interactive concepts and prototypes, and testing them on chess grand masters and other players. As the app went into development I worked with Pentagram design to fine tune the art direction of the experience.

Redesigning BBC News to allow people to read a wider variety of stories

Researching, wireframing, user testing, prototyping, stakeholder management

BBC News

March 2010 - April 2011

I led the redesign of the story pages for the last major redesign of the BBC News website, following a brief to promote 'breadth above depth'. I developed wireframes that progressed into a fully functioning prototype of the site, which we took to users around the world, testing with live content. In the visual design phase, I wrote the brief and collaborated with Neville Brody and his team on developing the look and feel of the site.