Toby Bradbury Interaction designer
Hello. I've lived in San Francisco for the past four years, but before that I lived in London for about fourteen years. Before even that I was brought up in a small village called Gamlingay, a place with such an obviously silly name it sounds like it was created by using some online British Village name generator.
I love living in California, and enjoy spending my free time exploring the Bay Area and however much of this wonderful country I can. I still refuse to say I'm 'hiking' when I'm in the city. (Come on, it's just a walk and you didn't need to buy those fancy trainers / sneakers.)
I enjoy it being sunny here far more than most of my contemporaries, who aren't aware that a typical spring day's weather in California would result in a lunch-break of rolled-up trousers / pants and a literal line of sun-bathing office-workers along any beam of sunlight that makes it near any place I worked in London.
I do adhere to some stereotypes. I say 'blimey', but now also 'man'. I wear shorts most days I'm not at work. I have bought many baseball caps, and a skateboard. I have had my wisdom teeth out, but was not very happy about it. I'm pretty sure I spotted the receptionist at the dentist upgrading her flights the moment she heard my accent.
I think I've learnt to fit in well though, and seem to have avoided getting one of those trans-atlantic accents like the younger members of Game of Thrones who spend too much time in LA, or the last thirty years for Ringo Starr. I spell things in US English now, after a harsh lesson I received from the roars of laugher I got from once using the word 'orientated' in a meeting. It is not helped by the fact my current employer has chosen to make a lot of products out of 'aluminum'.
I occasionally try to make wry comments on Twitter, and take a predictably high amount of photos documenting how nice the weather is on Instagram.
(Oh, and I still end messages with an 'x' even though it confuses people here.)