Toby Bradbury Interaction designer
As a Senior Millennial, I'm not allowed to own a YouTube channel or use Snapchat, but still over the years I have made some personal creative 'content' in my endless quest to one day go viral. Below is a selection of graphics, writing, interactive projects and, (apologies) rapping that I've done that may, however unlikely, be of interest.

Dressing up as a headphone jack

My entry in our 2017 halloween costume party, highlighting the sad outcome of Apple's brave decisions.

Delivering my predictions for Game Of Thrones in rap form

This Game of Thrones rap was recorded in anticipation of the much-hyped 'Battle of the Bastards' episode in Season 6 on the hugely popular HBO show. I wasn't able to watch that episode with my partner as she was over in London for a few months, so I sent her them this song with all my predictions for the episode. It's really only relevant if you're watching Game of Thrones and have just finished the Season 6 episode 6 'No one'. Warning - Contains a lot of reference to British TV shows that might not translate well overseas.

Explaining the debate on BBC's Newsnight about infographics through infographics

In 2011 these two industry famous graphic designers went on flagship BBC TV show Newsnight to discuss the value of infographics. I felt that the whole experience reinforced many of the public's stereotypes about 'designer types' as being a bit pretentious, and so made this infographic analyzing their discussion.

Telling 'It's a Wonderful Life' in tweet form live on Christmas Eve

During the run-up to Christmas 2011 I adapted the classic yuletide story of It's a Wonderful Life into 140 character segments so that Twitter users could follow it in real-time on Christmas eve.

Editing the events around the plane crash in the TV show Lost into chronological order

I was a massive fan of the TV show Lost, and after the opening scene of season three I edited together a bunch of scenes showing different perspectives of the plane crash in iMovie and put it on YouTube. Somehow the video became massively popular, and was seen by over a million people worldwide. Good Morning America showed it, and the New York Post even wrote a short article about it. 2007 was a very strange time on the internet.

Getting visitors to the V&A's Village Fete to 'dance like a robot' with Digitronobot

The V&A in London approached the agency I was working for at the time with ideas for a modern take on the classic village fete. DIgitronobot allowed visitors to our stall to simulate the experience of being a robot, controlled remotely by voice commands in their helmet from an operator using a joystick.

Poking fun at the greetings cards industry with these customizable cards that are 'Just a Gesture'

These greetings cards are customizable, by selecting a greeting and joining the corresponding dots appropriately to draw a relevant picture. I designed this in my final year at university, and at graduation a novelty gifts company bought the idea to mass produce.